We believe in the transformative power of beauty and self-esteem, and we work continuously to increase positive impacts and reduce negatives (both to the environment and to people) seeking innovations in products, processes, raw materials and relationships that put us on a path to becoming A more sustainable company.

In this trajectory, we work on the following fronts:

We create thinking about the durability and exclusivity of our products and to minimize the amount of materials needed, thus avoiding waste. See below examples

Because we do not manufacture the fabrics we use, we have to use the options available in the market. In this sense, we are looking for responsible suppliers, who comply with the current legislation and apply for eco-efficient processes. In this sense, our suppliers of fabrics are in Italy and Brazil, and used alternatives such as Tencel and Modal, from renewable wood and recycled PET and cotton mesh.

Primarily for the transparency in our relations and in order to maximize our power to generate employment and income, we have developed the Women for Income project.

– Photos of the project launch event:

– Parts produced by the project:

– Know a little more:

The fragments of our collections are donated to the following institutions: Casa do Menor, Acción Moradia and Costurinha Fraterna. These institutions revalue them by producing products shown below.

Our creations are made to last, being able to “travel” between generations, passing from mother to daughter, for example. In this sense, we are against the hand of Fast Fashion, emphasizing a timeless and exclusive design.