Fashion designer FabianaMilazzodebuts at the São Paulo Fashion Week by showing a collection that pays a tribute to Brazil. On the catwalk, the wealth of our artisanal work, elements of fauna and flora and Amazonian landscapes enriched by iconic symbols of the historic cities of Minas Gerais and the Brazilian capitals, such as the works by Oscar Niemeyer, São Paulo’s graffiti, and Rio’s ‘Christ the Redeemer’ monument.

To produce her hand-crafted pieces, Fabiana has relied on NGOs that invest in the work of artisans, promoting citizenship through teaching and appreciation of sustainable practices. In partnership with the ‘TecendoItabira’ Institute (MG), by Ronaldo Silvestre, who trains and qualifies women in handicraft, the designer developed pieces based on organic shapes with embossed textures that reflect the sinuosity of architect Oscar Niemeyer’s works. The ‘CasuloFeliz’ project, artisanal weaving from Maringá (PR), provides the collection’s coats and sweaters with its sustainable silk threads. Made of denim, the sweatshirts are produced by women of the NGO ‘AçãoMoradia’ (Uberlândia), where the stylist set up and finances the ‘Mulheres de Renda’ project, which aims to generate income by professionalizing embroiderers.

Denim remains a strong element of Fabiana’s collection, contrasting between casual and party fashion and made in partnership with Canatiba, by means of the CanatibaLab + FabianaMilazzo project, which the designer takes part of. This time, she bets on materials whose stripes are inlaid into the fabric itself, either with strips of reused jeans that would have been discarded or embroidery, blending wool and stones. That work is found in skirts, trench coats and oversized sweatshirts.

Noble fabrics such as chiffon, organza and pure silk mousseline were used to create long and midi godet party dresses, large skirts and blouses with bulky, romantic sleeves, in sync with the brand’s essence. The slimmer pieces feature deeper necklines and armholes, providing the essentially romantic collection with a sexy air. On the other hand, the pieces with zibeline hems are more structured and show forms inspired by Niemeyer’s work, but are inspired by female body curves.

Regarding the color chart, off-white was used as a basis for prints and embroidery with metallic touches; it further includes intense blue, denim and two hues of red.

Shoes were designed by Masqué, a brand by Adriana Pedroso. They feature small hand-crafted leather “feathers” that remind us of tiny birds. Earrings and necklaces were created in partnership with Annaka.

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